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Session times & fees.

Our sessions run term time only and are available 8:30-11:30, 12:00-15:00 or 8:30-15:00 Monday to Friday.


We are in receipt of Free Early Years Entitlement for two, three and four year olds including the 30 hrs free entitlement. 


3hour session= £12.45

Children will be dropped off at 8:30. On entering the children are encouraged to find their name on the coat hooks and hang their belongings up, put their lunch in the boxes and enter the setting. The days activities will be set out and children encouraged through out the session. Snack is approx 10am and then Children are collected at 11:30. 


3 hour session =£12.45

Similar to the morning session, children will enter and be encouraged to find their coat peg and hang up their belongings. Activities will be set out ready for the children and children will be encouraged to join in a selection of activities that include role play, water play, outdoor learning and story crafts. Children are collected at 15:00. 


full day = £27.00

Our full day session sees the children arriving at pre-school at 8:30 where they will hang up their belongings and enter the main hall. Snack is approx 10am followed by mid morning activities and lunch at 11:30. Staff spend time with children indvidually and as a group for numerous activities. The children will be collected at 15:00.


eligibility applies- upto 30 hours.

We accept EARLY YEARS FUNDING for 2 and 3 year olds including the 30 hours free funding. Please ask for more info.

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