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As a charity run Pre School it is a legal requirement for us to have a committee of parents that advocate for the Charity.

As per our constitution all our families have automatic membership to the charity with each family being classed as 1 member. 

It is the management committee that is legally responsible for the charity.

Our management committee comprises of the following officers:
-Chair person: 
To provide leadership, To ensure the Management Committee functions properly, To ensure the organisation is managed effectively, To represent the organisation as its figurehead, To provide support to the other members. 

-Vice Chairperson: Acting as a sounding board and a deputy for the chair​, Sharing tasks with the chair and assisting them in their dutiesPreparing to assume the office of the chair if needed​, Serving on committees and taking on specific responsibilities, Managing budgets and representing the company to external organizations

-Treasurer: General financial oversight​, Funding, fundraising and sales, Financial planning and budgeting​, Banking, book-keeping and record-keepingControl of fixed assets and stock

-Secretary: Facilitate communications within an office and field interactions with the public.​, Answer and redirect phone calls, Schedule meetings, Provide personalized support for other employees in their office.Organize files, Prepare documents, Manage office supply inventory, Assist supervisors and staff with company projects and tasks.

-2 General members: Responsible for the day to day management and operation of the organisation​, Share your ideas and views, Take ownership and accountability for the fulfilment of tasks assigned to you​ Participate in planning and goal setting for the organisationShare the workload so all committee members are doing their partAttend committee meetings​, Advise the Secretary if you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting

We are legally obliged to hold 1 AGM per year where we must have 50% of the members attend of which 2 can be the officers.

With out this criteria being met then the AGM can not proceed and the charity can not continue their business. 

21 days notice is given for the AGM and all members will receive a invitation of interests where you can express  your considerations for standing as officers. 

If you require any further information on the management officers or if you wish to be involved please let us know. 


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