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Our setting. 

Welcome to Cromdale Way Preschool.


Welcome to Cromdale Way Preschool. We are located in the Tim Parry Community Center main hall where we have been established since 1977. 

Our Vision 

'We want all our children to have a great time time with us, be happy, to feel valued and to achieve your full potential.' 

Cromdale Way Pre-School Mission Statement


Our Teacher Says;

“Here I am; to teach, to learn,

to serve, to love, to encourage

and challenge each child with

a vision of dignity, potential and purpose.”

Our Children Say;

“Here I am; to learn, to enjoy

and not to be daunted by the

challenge to grow and develop,

so that I may become all that

I am created to be.”


We are a small one room setting that has been home to many children in the early years of their education Journey. We  offer our children the opportunity to work, learn and play together in secure and stimulating environment. We offer a variety of balanced and enjoyable activities for children to enjoy on their learning journeys, whilst understanding and ensuring their individual needs are met and nurturing their own skills and strengths. We provide education and care for children ages 2 years to 4years.
a example of our focus of the week board
dolls showing feeling to match the correct book]
chinese dragon the children made in celebration of chinese new year
halloween themed activity tray
an activity tray where we were exploring healthy teeth

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Outdoor facilities.

Our outdoor facilities are an extension of our class room with a wonderful variety of toys and  resources to encourage new and exciting way to stimulate little minds! Our fundraising means we can add and improve our facilities to meet the children's needs and ever growing imagination.

our outdoor mudtable
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